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It is not just that NuraHealth has assembled a deep pool of skilled professionals in key knowledge domains, it is that the people assembled have a personal commitment to seeing that Integrative Medicine has its rightful place at the healthcare table. The passion of that commitment, and the basis for it, is Nura's culture.

A mission critical component to Nura's success is its ability to continually expand and develop the Nura Network. Network building began with our reputation in the Integrative Medicine community and has led to strong relationships with leaders in this field. In moving away from their conventional training, each integrative medicine clinician (especially the MDs) can articulate a personal and professional journey that began with feeling the honor, prestige and challenge of graduating medical school, and ultimately led to a recognition of the limitations embedded in pharmaceutical-based medicine.

For many, participating in the development of institutionalizing integrative medicine has been a passion for years – for some, decades. They have battled local authorities and withstood the indignities of having their work denigrated by peers who practiced conventional medicine and internalized the disenchantment that has become prolific in the profession. NuraHealth has deep respect for both their journey and their knowledge and the design of Nura's business model reflects countless hours of listening to them.

NuraHealth Network

It's Time for The Paradigm to Shift

NuraHealth's executives and advisors include highly respected practitioners with national reputations for academic leadership and clinical excellence in patient care. Collectively, they have spent thousands of hours developing relationships with other leaders of the IM community. Nura has built a practical path by which their dream can be realized.

Nura's structure as a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) reflects the culture of this community where for-profit medicine and regulatory over-reach have constrained the quality of patient care. Our reputation is both an asset and a barrier to entry to whatever institution/organization wants to replicate our work and roll out its own IM informatics platform.

A motivating factor for the integrative medicine "old guard" to participate in building the Network is the realization that Nura's operational model supports their long-held vision. For them, participation in the Nura Network is a legacy endeavor.

Younger members of the integrative medicine community will eagerly join the Network by virtue of Nura's mission and its enrollment of the old guard. Recognizing the Nura Platform will have patient outcome data with a high signal to noise ratio, having access to such data will accelerate their professional development and their local reputation.

Nura does not rely on aligned sentiment alone. In orchestrating the build out of the Nura Network, we have committed to a business and operations structure that rewards those clinicians who work with us. Early adopters of the Platform and early participants in our customer Demonstration projects will have financial rewards tied to the quality of patient outcomes. Physician #22 will receive more rewards than physician #222, for example. Stimulating top-line patient count and revenue growth of Network member clinics is integral to our business model. Finally, the continuous loop of process improvement embedded in Nura's Platform offers multiple opportunities for rewards.

As a practical matter, Nura has secured executive talent with deep experience in Network development in both conventional and IM network settings. Championed by the "old guard" who established IM care as a clinical phenomenon, and sought after by younger members of the IM community, we expect Nura's Platform to become the data standard by which IM data will be aggregated.

What is the Nura Health Optimization Platform (NHOP)?

  • An existing cloud-based software program designed to capture Integrative Medicine (IM) patient care practices and outcomes.
  • A unique IM procedure code lexicon used to document care provided to patients.
  • Integrated sensor technologies to capture patient outcomes data long after the patient-clinician encounter is complete.

We call our Platform the NHOP. It continuously gathers and analyzes information on IM-centric care and outcomes, combining various components to create the first central repository for electronic IM claims data and analytics in the U.S.

NHOP has been designed to aggregate and analyze the clinical activity of the NuraHealth Network—to contrast "IM best practices" with conventional care practices. NuraHealth then communicates those practices back into the Network community for further refinement. This feedback loop creates a virtuous cycle of continuous process improvement (CPI) that offers significant value to members of the NuraHealth Network, their patients and our customers (States and large employers who pay for healthcare services). An embedded CPI function enables Nura to develop a learning network. That network is powered by an efficiency driver that can continuously positively influence an employer's (or State's) healthcare capital allocation. This functionality has never been available before.