Sharon Purcell

Chief of Staff

Sharon Purcell has 25+ years' experience in various sales, marketing, operations and leadership roles, working for Fortune 50 companies such as GE, as well as for early- stage healthcare companies. Her love of people and passion for making a meaningful difference in their lives has led her down a career path of many diverse opportunities. As a change agent committed to helping people live their best lives, Sharon discovered that healthcare was the industry where she could use her voice to make the biggest impact and has dedicated her focus to driving innovation and positive change into the American healthcare system.

Currently, she heads up Brand and Marketing for Concure Oncology, a medical device and services company that pioneered a revolutionary radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer that delivers high survival rates and fewer side effects in a single one- hour outpatient procedure. Consistent with Sharon's passion for making an impact on people's lives, Concure's Breast Microseed Treatment® is aligned with the "Triple Aim" of healthcare: better outcomes, better patient experience, and lower cost. Before joining Concure, she led the market research, sales, marketing, and communications efforts for a healthcare services company and a healthcare informatics organization, both of which focused on achieving the Triple Aim as well.

Prior to concentrating her focus on healthcare, Sharon spent 15 years with GE where she excelled at client needs assessment, relationship management, and strategic partnerships. She is from the "Jack Welch era" of GE when the corporate strategy was to strengthen the company by developing well-rounded business leaders with strong business acumen and experience in multiple functional areas and industries. Sharon was a beneficiary of Welch's orientation to human capital development which recognized the value of employee cross-pollination to different GE P&Ls. In addition, as Six Sigma & LEAN were core GE values, she also became certified in both disciplines and leveraged those quality methodologies to create process improvement strategies to increase productivity and profitability for her clients and teams.

While in a Corporate leadership role, Sharon led GE's Cross-Sell Initiative across all P&Ls, managing a team of 5,000 sales professional. In this role, she established credibility with all levels of the organizational structure, and developed proficiency in GE offerings, coaching sales reps to create bundled solutions that benefited the company and its clients. She partnered with GE CEOs and brokered relationships with industry leaders and management to create a mainstream sales initiative that resulted in $1 billion of incremental revenue in a single year.

As Marketing Program Manager at GE Real Estate, and Senior Manager of Client Projects at GE Money, Sharon mastered matrix management, orchestrating the efforts of multiple departments in translating client needs into revenue-producing business solutions. In these roles, she initiated 15 new partnerships in previously untapped channels, creating a structure that resulted in $35 million of incremental revenue. Respectively, she managed her company's largest client relationship, working with key stakeholders and executive teams to ensure clear vision, direction, and flawless execution for highly visible multi-million projects.

At GE Appliances, Sharon drove the development and implementation of a new business model and championed a culture change that positioned the company as the market leader. For this achievement, she was honored by the CEO with the "President's Award for Excellence in Execution".

In addition to her primary roles at GE, Sharon was also a founder and served for ten years as a Leader in The GE Women's Network, an organization with the mission of fostering professional women's development. Due to her success at leading, coaching and inspiring women throughout GE's business units, she was honored both nationally and globally for her work. She is proud to have been part of such an extraordinary organization whose focus on leadership, advancement, and career-broadening opportunities helped GE reach a point where women now run businesses generating billions in revenues. Sharon believes her work there was a vital stepping stone in the path of using her voice to make a meaningful contribution to changing people's lives.