Rick Johnson

EVP NuraHealth Advisory Services

Rick Johnson is a nationally recognized consultant who specializes in workforce health strategies. For over 30 years, he has helped organizations create programs which increase shareholder value. He has worked with boards and senior leaders to design programs that deliver enhanced business performance. His clients include public and private companies in a broad array of industries, as well as health management companies. Most recently, his focus is reducing expense streams by integrating labor costs, health-related lost productivity days and health-related costs, focusing on health issues that have a major impact on health costs and health-related productivity issues, such as opioids and bringing personalized lifestyle health to the forefront. In 1997, he co-founded PinP. The firm offers clients customized total compensation solutions to drive growth and profitability. Rick has established a virtual organization of independent consulting firms who collaborate to serve clients. Prior to PinP, Rick was a Managing Director and U.S. Healthcare Practice Leader for Mercer consulting firm. He oversaw a $400M consulting practice, created and implemented a strategic business plan, developed consulting services and products, developed and implemented marketing plans and consulted to major clients.

Rick is a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Employee Health, University of Illinois and served on Mercer's U.S. Board. Rick has a BA from Pacific Lutheran University and done graduate work in biochemistry and nutrition. He is enrolled in the University of Chicago Graham School of Professional Studies. In addition, he has lectured at graduate schools in health and human resource-related areas, conducted seminars/courses on HR strategic planning, applying business principles to human resource operations and workforce health & productivity initiatives. He has published four books on human resources and health-related initiatives, authored 40+ articles on human resources and health-related subjects and won a national award for the most innovative managed health program.