Richard Perryman

VP Business Development

Richard Perryman is the founder of several innovative corporate and public population healthcare initiatives including LifeStrive® , Direct Access Lab and TrendShift® . He also founded Health Coach® Corporate Wellness Centers in Phoenix, Arizona in 1994. The healthcare programs he has developed are unique in combining the expertise of allopathic medicine with complementary and functional medicine to meet both corporate health and financial goals. Clients included Qwest, Maricopa County, City of Phoenix, Discover Card, American Express, Microsoft, AT&T, Consol Energy, ATI and many others.

Richard believes that as the key stakeholders in health care now, corporations and self-insured government entities have as much to gain or lose as anyone from a clear and decisive shift away from over-reliance on the current reactive, disease-management model, and toward a more integrated and self-responsible health promotion system.