Gerald Czarnecki

Mr. Czarnecki (Gerry) is Chairman & CEO of The Deltennium Group, Inc., a consulting practice helping individuals and organizations with effective strategic marketing, managerial leadership and board governance. Prior to forming The Deltennium Group, Mr. Czarnecki was Chairman and Founder of Snowden Hill, a boutique investment bank focused on investments in the retail industry. As an entrepreneur, he has founded and operated several consumer marketing organizations, and continues to this day with investments in retail marketing.

He is a member of the board of directors of several companies: Jack Cooper Enterprises, where he is Chair of the Audit Committee; ECO Building Products, where he is Chairman of the Board and member of the board of NuraHealth, Inc. He is also a former, 15-year director of State Farm Insurance, where he served as member of the company Executive Committee, and was also Chairman of the Audit Committee; State Farm Bank, where he was Chair of the Compensation Committee, and State Farm Fire & Casualty companies.

Mr. Czarnecki has had a varied corporate career where he has increased shareholder value through enhanced marketing and operational performance. He has been a General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer in a variety of industries from consumer marketing to financial services to aviation to technology to media and TV production.

Mr. Czarnecki held a number of executive positions in the banking and financial services industry including General Manager of the 4th largest bank Trust Department in the country; CFO of the 8th largest bank holding company; the CEO of a large, publicly held bank and another large privately held bank owned by an investor group headed by former Secretary of the Treasury, William Simon. In 1993 Mr. Czarnecki was part of the team recruited by Louis Gerstner to begin the turnaround of IBM Corporation. Serving as an IBM Senior Vice President, Mr. Czarnecki had worldwide responsibility for customer focused quality initiatives, human resources, real estate services, quality programs, non- manufacturing procurement, aviation and a wide range of other staff functions. Later he was President of UNC, Inc., a NYSE aviation company, which manufactured aircraft engine parts, repaired and overhauled aircraft engines and accessory components and provided significant outsourcing services to the US military.

In addition to his leadership responsibilities, Mr. Czarnecki is an author who has written seven books on Leadership and Governance and writes a monthly column on nonprofit governance for a regional business magazine. Mr. Czarnecki holds a B.S. in Economics from Temple University, an M.A. in Economics from Michigan State University, is a Certified Public Accountant and has a Doctor of Humane Letters from National University. He is an NACD Board Leadership Fellow and holds the Carnegie Mellon, Software Engineering Institute, CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight.

Gerry is also the founder, Chairman & CEO of The National Leadership Institute, a not-for- profit organization committed to expanding research and development of leading edge ideas in leadership, governance, development, marketing, strategy and customer focused organizational development. This organization is dedicated to improving the quality of these activities in the not- for-profit/NGO community, and it provides robust training and educational programs in those techniques to qualified entities where the organization's capabilities need enhancement, but where funding is limited. He is also: a member of the Board of Trustees of National University, where he is its Chairman; Chairman Emeritus of the National Association of Corporate Directors—Florida Chapter, advisory board member for Private Capital, Inc.; the Board of Governors of Junior Achievement Worldwide, Inc., where he once served as its President & Chief Executive Officer.