About Our Team

NuraHealth's assemblage of human capital is the Manhattan Project of healthcare transformation. Our team has expertise in all of the functional domains necessary to deliver the vision and operate a successful enterprise.

Executive Team

Picture of Wayne Miller

Wayne Miller

Founder and CEO

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Picture of Sharon Purcell

Sharon Purcell

Chief of Staff

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Picture of Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson

EVP Advisory Services

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Picture of Richard Perryman

Richard Perryman

VP Business Development

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Picture of Nick Jacobs

Nick Jacobs

Project Management Delivery Partners

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Picture of Melanie Carlone

Melanie Carlone

Director of Clinical Integration

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Clinical Advisors (partial list)

Picture of Dr. Patrick Hanaway, MD

Dr. Patrick Hanaway, MD


Picture of Dr. David Haase, MD

Dr. David Haase, MD


Picture of Dr. Catherine Willner, MD

Dr. Catherine Willner, MD

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Picture of Dr. Alex Cahana, MD

Dr. Alex Cahana, MD


Picture of Dr. Michelle Simon, PhD, ND

Dr. Michelle Simon, PhD, ND

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Finance Advisors (partial list)

Picture of Bennett Stewart

Bennett Stewart


Picture of Alfred Berkeley III

Alfred Berkeley III


Picture of Jason Voss, CFA, MBA

Jason Voss, CFA, MBA

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Picture of Mark Menchin, PhD, CFA

Mark Menchin, PhD, CFA


Picture of Joanne Sienko Ott, CFA

Joanne Sienko Ott, CFA

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IT Advisors (partial list)

Picture of Vistasph Gowadia

Vistasph Gowadia


Picture of Lisa Jendza

Lisa Jendza


Picture of Charles Southall

Charles Southall


Picture of Rod Meyer

Rod Meyer

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Scientific Advisors (partial list)

Picture of Dr. James Oschman

Dr. James Oschman


Picture of Dr. Marko Markov

Dr. Marko Markov


Picture of Dr. Mark Martsen

Dr. Mark Martsen


Board of Advisors (to be Directors)

Picture of Cathy Swain, CFA, AIFA

Cathy Swain, CFA, AIFA


Picture of Peter Gleason

Peter Gleason

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Picture of Gerald Czarnecki

Gerald Czarnecki

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Picture of Len Wisneski, MD

Len Wisneski, MD

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Picture of Alan Baral

Alan Baral

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Picture of Mimi Guarneri, MD

Mimi Guarneri, MD

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